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A Note From Pastor Dianne

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Ezekiel 37:1-14

Are there times when you feel as though your life is like a bunch of
dry old bones? Do you feel you need the “breath” of life to
revive you?
Sometimes we may feel this way. We may get in a “Spiritual Rut”
Everything seems to be just mechanical - going through the
motions of everyday life. We find our lives are like them dry, old
bones mentioned in this passage.
What do we do about it? How can we be revived again?
The answer, I think can be found in Verse 4. Ezekiel was told to
prophesy to the bones and say “O you dry bones, hear the word of
the Lord”
Friends, we need to allow God’s word to “Soak” us. need to
meditate upon God’s word and open our hearts to receive a
“Word in Season” Its this that can bring revival to our dried up
dread lives.
If we truly wasnt to be ignited again, we need to allow the Lord
to soak us with His word. He will breath the Breath and Spirit
into our lives and cause us to rise up and soar. He doesn’t want us
to be in a spiritual rut, but to rise up and soar with the eagles.

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