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Godly Leadership that loves Jesus

Harry & Dianne Pretty
Senior Pastors

Harry & Dianne have served in ministry as Pastors for over 30 years. They flow and operate in many of the gifts of the Spirit. They are passionate about doing God's work and to see the spiritual growth of men and women within the body of Christ. Their dedication to God and the ministry have resulted in many lives being transformed. 

Harry & Dianne are originally from Port aux Basques, Newfoundland. 

They moved to Slave Lake 10 years ago and six months later started serving as Pastors at TGP.

They have 2 sons along with 2 daughter-in-laws and are proud grandparents to 6 grand kids.  They truly love the Spirit of God and are always willing to work with the Body of Christ.



Duane & Mary Cardinal
Associate Pastors

Duane & Mary, originally from Peerless Lake, moved to Slave Lake in 2015 along with their four children. In early 2018, they stepped alongside Harry and Dianne Pretty to serve as  Associate pastors.  It is their desire to see people get filled with the Spirit of God and to see the power of God change people's lives.  They surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ ten years ago and have dedicated their lives to the work of the ministry, 

Duane Cardinal is also the Worship Pastor of The Gathering Place Church.


Our Commitment

Our passion for ministry is the result of a hunger to see the Presence of God move in the hearts and lives of people. We sincerely believe that each church member has a vital role to fulfill. Each believer has their own potential and destiny in God's Kingdom and has been equipped with the gifts and callings by the Holy Spirit.

Our desire, with the Lord's enablement, is to help develop these gifts in each person.


Being Pastors is not a job. It is a God-given call and anointing, and we humbly seek to carry out this call upon our lives.


The goals and visions of our ministry is to lead people to Christ, to help them discover and grow their Spiritual gifts and function victoriously in the church, in life, and in the Kingdom. 

Advisory Board Members

The Board of Directors of The Gathering Place consists of: Founder Karen Vanderwell, President/Pastors Harry & Dianne Pretty, Pastors Duane & Mary Cardinal, Maxine Letendre, Christopher Palleck, and elder Jean Auger. There is also an advisory board in place.

Honorary Board Members: 
                          Dr. Allan & Harriett Walker
                                        Regina Sask.