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A member of E.M.A will be duly ordained by the Evangel Ministerial Association of Canada and will be given all rights and privileges as prescribed by LAW to perform marriages and to promote the cause of Christ. 

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If you are interested, please call the President of the Ministry who is Pastor Harry Pretty of The Gathering Place Church.

He will give you the proper forms to fill out or click on RED button below and print the form and send it by email or fax. Let Pastor Pretty know that he is to expect your form however you are sending it.

A decision will be made if you will be ordained by this Society. 

E.M.A Forms

Phone Number: 1-780-849-9712

Fax: 1-780-849-9715

There is a FEE that you have to pay when you hand in your application and if you are approved, there will be a YEARLY FEE to pay to keep you ordained. 

                                  You will receive a CARD in the mail.

For more info please visit:

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