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To show the world that Jesus is alive and He loves everyone

- Our Vision -

We see a mixed collection of surrendered, transformed people who are deepening in their love of God while reaching out to others with His good news.

As they are filled with His transforming Spirit and captivated by His love, they are compelled to share Him with everyone...

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We see friends, co-workers, and family members coming to Christ and being baptized through personal witness and invitation.

We see people engaging in discipleship marked by radical obedience as they risk everything for God.

We see teams and leaders being equipped, empowered, and sent to seize the opportunities God has given them for the Kingdom here at home and around the world.

We see people excited, challenged, and in awe of God as He changes lives, especially their own.

We see reconciled relationships in our homes and families as forgiveness and grace are given.

We see lives transformed through transparent, authentic relationships as they pray, worship, give grace, and sow hope.

We see miracles as people are freed from the bondage of their addictions and the brokenness of their bodies.

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